Sponsored by

The Phillips Foundation

Research Institute of Chemical Addiction and Depression

Founded In Memory of Melanie G.C.P. Phillips (R.I.P)
& In The Benefit Of Humanity

Tikva Recovery Center

Tikva Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Center is an exclusive facility offering a state of the art rehab treatment program sure to satisfy the most demanding accommodation needs as well as providing effective permanent recovery results through personalized programs that address the problems from a physiological biological and neurological aspects of the disease.


A Comprehensive Integrated Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism.


At Tikva Recovery Center we offer a cutting-edge integrated clinical addiction treatment sourced from the most forward-thinking experts in the industry.


We focus on the root of the disease which is Chemical brain re-balancement with strong emphasis on thorough detoxification, emotional calibration & restoration of the body while providing psychological treatment within 12 step or Smart Recovery models based on preference.


This combined with traditional holistic practices result in a drug rehabilitation program that offers a powerful combination of treatment styles that are sure to positively impact every aspect of the individual in mind, body and spirit.