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Tikva Recovery Center

Tikva Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Center is an exclusive facility ofering a state of the art rehab treatment program sure to satisfy the most demanding acomodation needs as well as providing efective permanent recovery results through personalized programs that adreses the problems from a phsicological biological and neurological stand point.


A Comprehensive Integrated Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism.
At Tikva Recovery Center we offer a cutting-edge integrated clinical addiction treatment sourced from the most forward-thinking experts in the industry.
We focus on the root of the diasease which is Chemical brain re-balancement with strong enphasis on thorough detoxification, emotional calibration & restoration of the body while providing psychological treatment within 12 step or Smart Recovery models based on preference.
This combined with traditional holistic practices result in a drug rehabilitation program that offers a powerful combination of treatment styles that are sure to positively impact every aspect of the individual in mind, body and spirit.

The Phillips Foundation

The Phillips Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political, of public interest and nonprofit organization (ONG) dedicated to research of chemical dependency and depression as well as pioneering work and the fight against drugs.



Our mission is “To improve the quality of life and welfare of the individual, the family and society through the promotion of physical and mental health of those vulnerable or affected by alcoholism and drug addiction, offering specialized professional care comprehensive prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, social reintegration and employment with high commitment and humanity”

Sensitized by social problems that plagues the world, and the increase in recent years of drug use, we aims to provide people, entities and the community a comprehensive response to the problem of drug dependency, alcoholism and associated issues, with shares in the three levels of prevention: primary through educational and informational programs, secondary, through support programs for people at high risk or consumers incipient and tertiary programs through therapeutic treatment based on the therapeutic community system. This proposed intervention focuses on a multidisciplinary work of ex-addicts educators, professionals and volunteers, aimed at promoting mental health and social reintegration.

10 years of research in 28 countries

Our treatment model is the result of close to 10 years of research worldwide By the Phillips Foundation financed by an affluent group of visionary members of the Panamanian Jewish community who identified with the problem & without sparing resources in search of viable and efficient solutions in the interest of their community and the general human benefit entrusted a team of highly qualified professionals worldwide, composed of doctors, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, biologists, neurologists, metaphysicians, toxicologists and pharmacologists, to lead a research project in order to present their conclusions and a viable, effective, non-intrusive, or harmful in any way, as well as economically accessible model of alcohol & drugs recovery treatment – The research carried out covers a total of 28 countries in consultation with professionals from the previously mentioned fields, as well as universities, private and public institutions, national heath systems in each country.


In addition the research extended to the study of 10 most effective models of treatments from different recovery lines…


Our recovery model is based on a comprehensive approach emphasizing detoxification, and restoration of the organism restoring  the cerebral reward system  and  calibrating the patient’s emotions while addressing the psychological aspects through the latest cognitive behavioral therapy techniques addressing the distorted cognitive traumatic aspects  within the frames of various recovery models such as relapse prevention, New life skills, Personal Growth and self-help programs such as 12 steps or intelligent recovery depending on your preference.