The mind and the order as value

Let’s look at the theoretical definition of order: placement of things in their proper place, the regular disposition of things among themselves, the relationship of one thing with another, and in the case of a community it would be tranquility, harmony.

Order, as a value, consists in organizing our existence consistently, with illa and for its best use and our actions must maintain a defined sequence to conserve the structures of social life.

We connect harmoniously in our work activities and in our results through order. Each work needs an order that facilitates its realization, the same in the application of physical force, as in the use of mental energy, enhancing human aesthetic and spiritual qualities.

The mind that understands and acts in accordance with the functions of order, accepts that order is for reason as close to perfect, for the advantages and benefits that its application brings.

If our workplace is properly organized, it is inevitable that it will stimulate us, providing us with tranquility and concentration to carry out our work, and possibly improve the work performance significantly.

Also at the level of interpersonal relationships, a certain order in the dress, even our hairstyle, in short our image in a general sense and the way of interacting with others will provide peace and security for us who apply it and for the people with whom we we relate

When I referred to the image it can be misinterpreted as something superficial-frivolous-light, etc., but nothing further from reality, when we think that way we will be falling into a prejudice of the 60’s please! besides schematic and insubstantial, it is enough to remember the bad impression that at some point we have been caused by people who, being good professionals, have looked so careless that they have only managed to create such a bad impression that we have doubted even their professionalism, and on purpose. let’s not forget “that there are no second chances to make good first impressions”, which can be decisive.

The existence of an order in our conscience is an indispensable condition for leading an emotionally healthy life.

When we keep a mind in order, we enjoy benefits in the siquis and in the health of our system in general, which we show in a perennial good mood, optimism, patience, naturalness of movements, moderate intake of food, good blood circulation, adequate breathing, with high levels of energy and a strong interest in our personal growth in all aspects of life.

Acquiring the value of order in our life goes far beyond accommodating things and objects, is to put all the things of our life in place.

Now the disorder can be masked very subtly and it is when we give more hours to work and not to the family, and maybe we can feel very calm because “we are putting our priority tasks in order”.

We agree with the idea of ​​work as something important, but we will also agree that it has its space and its limits.

Ironically it can happen to us that we do not decide to take a unique job opportunity because it involves sacrificing a bit of our family. In these cases the value of order should help us to bet on a choice.

The inner order is reflected in all our events. Instead of raving with sterile thoughts we should focus on the really important points and take advantage of time in something worthwhile. A fictitious environment, or an invented reality, is an appropriate means for laziness and inconstancy, which may prevent any activity from being completed in time.

There are people who unfortunately go through life with that image of eternal smiling, known as the nice, relaxed, hyper relaxed office that make the joke of the day to cause general laughter, have a thousand and one funny occurrences, and is usually very difficult to talk to them about something serious. This seems cheerful and good humor could be the living representation of banality and lightness because they simply have “such a hurry to finish” that they end so badly that they do not get concrete results. Great! True?

The lack of order comes up many times with activism: giving the appearance of doing … without doing. Or with apathy … “because they can not stress”, anyway … as our grandparents said … for the world to be world there must be everything.

We also find in the same work environment people who do the “really important” have their office or work space in such carelessness and disorder (usually accompanied by a purpose of arrangement, rarely specified due to the hurry factor) that we see we receive something similar to a negative charge to a, place without charm, without the slightest “glamor” and where a paper may not be easily found; Let’s reflect friends: this happens when there is no orderly, centered mind, this may seem like a minor detail but life is made of them. We are careful not to live in the extreme order and become neurotic perfectionists, which would make coexistence difficult and scenario, and this would annihilate correct and accurate intention in this value, replacing it with arrogance and intolerance. The order must have a balance.

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