The power of prayer (First Part)

We have always heard about the power of prayer in its religious sense and its need to achieve what we want.

Some share these ideas and others not so much, but what is common for all is that under difficult and delicate situations where an important part of our existence is at stake, we all raise our arms to heaven and ask those unknown forces to help us

This phenomenon tells us a lot. In our conscious mind we could find hundreds of arguments that lead us to the demonstration that Praying does not help us much and that it is better to use our strength in other directions.

This type of reasoning may be caused either by parental education or by the idiosyncrasy of our social environment, but once again it draws attention that under key situations, we all appeal to higher levels.

Certainly in the action of Pray our mind is connected with tremendously subtle and high forces that allows us to evoke the best part of ourselves and act accordingly. Logically, the effect of prayer and its respective power will depend on the purity of our thoughts and the way we see ourselves.

For example, if we are people with true desire to excel, we courageously recognize our mistakes and do what is necessary to overcome them, when we pray we will respect the answers that come to our mind (because we respect ourselves) and by acting accordingly we will surely achieve results positive

If, on the other hand, we are among those who are only aware of the benefit we could obtain if we apply a certain technique, in this case, Pray, we may see some results but in the long term, nothing would be useful.

The process of Pray is nothing more than the concentration of all our forces based on a particular idea, which will have more or less power depending on the beliefs we have on this subject.

An intelligent decision would be to study the phenomenon of prayer, from an impartial point of view and free of all prejudice, leaving behind what has been learned so far and treating new knowledge from an experimental position.

It will be our experience that will say the last word.

The power of our mind will be enhanced with these practices because whatever the result we will be taking action.

An important point in this prayer is to try not to repeat schemes that have already been corrupted.

We refer to the prayer itself. It is not that this is vitiated, far from it, but our persecution of it may be.

Perhaps we associate the Lord’s Prayer with a lot of people in a place that meets one day a week to “comply” with a certain scheme. In this case, prayer is still clean in its essence but we are associating it with an event that takes away its power.

For this, it is best to use our own words. Trying to understand what we are doing, seeing that we are appealing to those same forces that make our hearts keep beating beyond our will, that a seed gives place to a tree, to those forces that make the whole Universe stay in perfect order.

You can put the name you want, Nature, God, Life, etc … You are free in your beliefs but what is necessary is that you convince yourself that through prayer you have the possibility of receiving help and it will be more evident to from its own purity.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find what you really want and have a fair foundation and Pray to achieve it. This fact together with the necessary actions (for without actions, prayer is of no use) will result not only in the achievement of the requested, but also in a much greater gift. The knowledge of a new force that can take you to levels never before dreamed.

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