The power of the word

Nobody doubts it: words have power!

They are capable of materializing in facts, because they possess their own energy, their own strength as everything that comes out of our mind. It would be wise to use them in our favor, not to say that it is necessary, so let’s take care of the words we use. Not just for the sake of formality or education, but for its purpose.

The word as an expression of thought speaks for us. It must carry with it a positive, harmonious and conciliatory charge. When we defend an idea and in this I want to make special emphasis, what we say must imply a burden of truthfulness and honesty, because it links us to a world of firmness, security and trust. Something that lies never get and ends up weakening our inner power. Words are the manifestation of our inner world, of our mind.

Many times we need to face different situations of crisis in which to succeed, we use words of power that give us the strength to move forward, and in others, with our children, for example, tender words come out spontaneously to calm them in any situation of fear or anguish.

But there are other moments and situations in which words do not come to us easily and that is when we must make use of our innate or acquired powers, of the power of the mind that comes to our aid and allows us to handle the situation favorably, starting with Of course, coherent and logical thinking, because the word is the expression of thought as we saw before.

Not for pleasure, popular sayings such as “the fish dies by the mouth” transcend from generation to generation however simple we may find them.

Let us avoid words of discouragement. Words pessimistic or slander. In each word we pronounce implicit is a quota of our energy and with it the impression of a force that accompanies it.

Phrases like “I have very bad luck”, “I can not do it”, “I will not succeed” … in short, words that self-limit and self-censor or that degrade us must be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Let us replace them with encouraging, optimistic words and carriers of healthy and clean messages.

Recall that our heroes of childhood and our daily life or fiction, they all have something in common: his speech is full of positive words and therefore words of power that transmit us and infuse courage, optimism, generosity, joy, strength , vitality and desire to live. And let’s be honest, and to mention them we do not feel different?

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