The Secret of the Active Mante

The Secret of the Active Mante

Some ways to keep the mind active:

Hello people of the power of the mind, as the title says, we will deal with some ways to keep our mind healthy and active:


First of all, take care of your head:

This is a very important point for the correct maintenance of the mind and everything from which it is detached. Your brain is one of the most vital organs of the body and needs constant care and control. This means avoiding blows, passing your hand over your head or excessive sun.


Mental health is related to the heart:

What is good for one is good for the other. Practice physical exercises, visit areas where these are encouraged. Read about the improvements in everyday routines and practice those that are possible.


The numbers count:

Maintain a correct body weight taking into account your height and background. Also maintain the correct control over blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Control what you eat:

Because it also influences mental health. There are some types of food and eating habits that directly influence good mental functioning. These are, basically, natural foods, using little oil and no “preserved” or “flavored” products.


Avoid harmful habits:

The cigarette, alcohol and other drugs are totally harmful to the whole organism, but fundamentally to the mind. This needs cleanliness and clarity for its proper functioning.


Do not delay your decisions:

If you understand the meaning of the role played by the mind in our lives, it will not take long to implement any of these or other measures to improve the functioning of your mind. Do not delay in doing it. If you relax over time and leave the activities taken, do not feel bad about this, start again, with new airs and vigor.


Remember that the human being is not measured by the times he falls but by those in which he gets up.

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