Geographical Situation

Situated in the caldera (caldron) of the second largest inhabited volcano in the world, El Valle de Anton  is located in the province of Coclé, 120 km from the city of Panama. The Stratovolcano, with a radius of 6 km was formed around 1.1-1.3 million years ago.


The subsoil of the valley is formed by the deposits of the old lake of the caldera, and has   various mineral  underground rivers  which have been surfaced into hot springs. The valley is defined by the dome of the lava complex that was formed by the East – West movement of the caldera. The peaks surounding the valley are known as “El Cerro Gaital” (1185 m), “El Cerro Pajita” (616 m) and “El Cerro Caracoral”. The most recent major eruption in the subsoil was 13,000 years ago. It happened when the hot magma met the water of the caldera lake.

Climate & Vegetation

Panama is located in a hot and humid tropical climate. The Valley, located 600 m above sea level, has a constant mild spring climate throughout the year. The average highest temperature is around  28 degrees Celsius, with a  minimum night time average of 20 degrees. There is Little variation between the dry and rainy season.. The dry season starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of April. During these months the weather is sunny and very windy. The rainy season also know as Green season due to natures expresión of its best apearance extends from May to early  December . During the rainy season rain may fall an average of two(2) hours a day  sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon the rest of the day remainig cool and sunny!


Therapeutical Virtues  Of  Location