Medical Tourism

We are of the experience that positive drug and alcohol recovery is characterized by memorable experiences.

Tikva Recovery Center has put together for its patients a fantastic touristic agenda whilst recovering in our facility. Some say that the acomodation and tourismo program olone justifies the cos of the program.

We will let you decide…….

Our medical tourism program consists of Saturday outings to diverse folcloric, tourist historical atractions aswell as national parks places of interest and beaches aroun the country.

We have a full year calendar of folkloric regional festivities wich you wont regret visiting.



Feria de las Flores y el Café, Boquete

The Fair of Flowers and Coffee, better known as the Fair of Boquete, is a trade fair event that takes place every year in the month of January in the district of Boquete. The Fair of Boquete is one of the main fair events that occurs in the Republic of Panama.


The objective of this fair is the exhibition of the great floral variety that is cultivated in the region, as well as commercialization of the flowers and plants, handicrafts, preserves, typical foods, jewelry, clothing, cars and various other services.


Its facilities are located in the center of Bajo Boquete on the banks of the Caldera River and very close to the Central Park of Boquete.

Feria de el cope

The XXIII Agricultural, Artisan, Tourist and Folkloric Fair of El Copé, province of Coclé, takes place with the presence of 40 folk groups from Panama and Panama West, started last Thursday. The chairwoman of the committee of the fair, Elicenia Magallón, said that they expect more than 3,500 visits than those registered last year. This year has been given more exposure to coffee, orange and hat, products that are offered at low prices. In addition, competitions will be held for the best hat of Capacho, Canto del Tambor Coclesano, Execution of Drums and New values of the Song of the Coclesano Drum (girls). For 23 years, the fair has been carried out, but still does not have its own land, but if you are doing the negotiations through the government and can have a fixed link always for this activity.

Feria de San Sebastián Sat 19 de enero Ocú – Herrera

This Industrial, Folkloric, Tourist and Artisanal Agricultural Fair is held to celebrate the feast of the Patron Saint Mártir San Sebastián. It presents all kinds of attractions, with the purpose of highlighting the cultural and folkloric aspect of the charming Ocueño town.


This Fair, is very popular and used by tourists and nationals who attend these parties to learn more about this picturesque town, it is characterized because it offers fun for both children and adults.


In this fair you can enjoy the typical dishes that characterize the region, the music of the breeders, the resonance and the shout of saloma montañera, mechanical games, handicrafts such as fabrics, hammocks, mud ornaments and other attractions.


Feria de las Flores y el Café, Sat 12 de enero - Boquete

Feria de el cope

Feria de San Sebastián Sat 19 de enero Ocú – Herrera